Basil Enreas

Disillusioned Aerial Cavalry Captain




Agility: 2
Endurance: 4
Perception: 2
Strength: 3


Craft: 0
Knowledge: 3
Reasoning: 2
Willpower: 3


Deception: 1
Empathy: 2
Persuasion: 3
Resources: 3

Stress Tracks

Physical: 7
Mental: 5
Social: 6

Campaign Power Level

Mythic Hero

Ability Points: 28
Advantage Points: 9
Heroic Advantages: 3 (Free)
Technology Level: 3
Fate Points: 5
Refresh: 5


Experience Points: 0


Character Aspects

Defining Aspect: Ambitious Soldier

Character Aspect 1: Canny Old Tactician
Character Aspect 2: Enormous Soft Spot For Animals
Character Aspect 3: Straightforward and Honest
Character Aspect 4: Obnoxiously Frugal Spendthrift

Specialty Aspects

Specialty Aspect 1: Better With Animals Than People (Empathy)
Specialty Aspect 2: WHERE IS MY SUPPLY TRAIN D: (Craft)
Specialty Aspect 3: My Steed Is A Freaking Gryphon (Resource)
Specialty Aspect 4: Outrageously Bad Liar (Deception)
Specialty Aspect 5: My Lance Is An Extension Of My Arm! (Strength)

Expert Advantages

Animal Empathy

You gain +2 on rolls to discern the motives of animals and to make Assessments related to animals.

Directional Sense

You almost always know which direction is north. In situations where you need to roll to navigate on land or water, you gain a +2 bonus.

Mounted Warrior

Riding and controlling a mount does not count as a supplemental action for you. Instead it is a free action so you do not suffer a -1 penalty on your primary action.

Weapon Specialist (Polearms & Spears)

Select a category of weapons. You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls with a weapon of that category. You may take this Advantage multiple times, each time you must select a different weapon category. The categories are unarmed attacks, light blades, heavy blades, bludgeoning weapons, polearms & spears, bows and crossbows, beam firearms, projectile firearms, or explosives.

Heroic Advantages

Inspiring Leadership

You have a gift for getting your friends back on their feet, dusting them off, and putting them back in the fight. You are a natural leader and an inspiration to those around you.

Spend a Fate Point. You are granted a number of Fate Points equal to your Persuasion to freely distribute to any PC or NPC allies who can hear your commands or words of encouragement. This is a free action, and these extra Fate Points must be spent during this scene or be wasted.

Your allies may not later give these Fate Points away, or trade them using other Advantages.


You gain two more stress boxes for each set of stress boxes on your Physical Stress Track. You may take this Advantage multiple times, each time adding one additional stress box.

Specialty Item (Gryphon)

Select an item you have obtained by taking a Resource Specialty Aspect (see SoF pg. 86). This item no longer costs a Fate Point to bring into the scene. In addition, it does not cost you a Fate Point the first time you invoke the Aspect associated with this item in a scene.


You are adept at seeing and exploiting an enemy’s weaknesses in a physical conflict. These might be tendencies to move a certain way, a propensity to telegraph attacks, or a literal chink in his armor.

Spend a Fate Point to gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls against one opponent for the duration of the scene. Each time you use this Advantage during this scene, you must select a different enemy to gain this bonus against. You cannot use it twice on the same enemy for a +4 bonus.

Power Advantages



Starting Equipment


WR: +5
Range: 0
Tech Level: 2
Cost: 3
Aspects: Long, Huge (P)

Chain Mail

Armor Rating: +2
Tech Level: 2
Cost: 3
Built-in Accessories: None
Aspects: 5 stress boxes, Bulky



Basil is the only child of House Enreas, an old and well-regarded noble family whose prestige is only a cut or two below the royal family. Great things were expected of him since childhood. Partly to avoid familial attention and partly to apply himself to something, he applied to the Winged Knights, seeking sanctuary in the Gryphon Cavalry.

He threw himself into his training, enjoying his work with the gryphons. Establishing himself as a captain, his talent for mounted combat was seconded only by his ability to breed, train, and coax the best potential from his feathered and furred charges. Basil has served with the Winged Knights for forty-three of his fifty-six years.

Through convoluted lineage and misfortunate events, Basil is legitimately the fifteenth in line for Fenwyn’s throne. He had been the nineteenth, but a training accident during a Winged Knight patrol resulted in the deaths of four relatives and the woman he had aspirations to marry. He doesn’t like to talk about it.

House Enreas dwells on a spire not far from the Eyrie; once teasingly nicknamed the Leaning Tower, the moniker has stuck over the years. Many fine knights have come from this House, serving in all branches of the Winged Knights; in past times, House Enreas’ sons and daughters have even served as bodyguards to the royal family.


Gruff and pragmatic, Basil Enreas comes across as a man who doesn’t deal with people very well. That assumption would be correct.

Basil deals poorly with people, coming off as brusque and unsympathetic. He thinks the very nobility from which he descends is superficial and caught up in shallow concerns as Fenwyn’s neighbours threaten to overrun it. Worse still, he finds himself the target of petty nobles’ concerns quite often, given his position as fifteenth in line to the throne; a fact he considers with much anger, sorrow, and regret, due to the disaster that brought him from nineteenth in line to fifteenth.

In spite of his age, he has never married and borne no children, trueborn or bastard. The woman he had aspirations to propose to was killed in an accident, along with four relatives he had considered well enough. The tragedy struck a chord in him and caused him to withdraw; any inclination he might have had to be social and buck his reputation withered.

He prefers the company of gryphons, whose motivations and instincts he understands. If any man can be said to understand them, it is Basil; he knows how to breed, train, and work with them in a way to coax their fullest potential from them. He dotes on his own gryphon, Kassa, and can recite her lineage from memory. He thinks the world of her, and they’ve served the Winged Knights together for many years.

Where politics are concerned, and when he must take a stand for whatever reason, Basil is firmly in the camp of Prince Alexander. He considers the royal son the best fit for the throne, approving of Alexander’s desire to know better the subjects under his (eventual) rule.

Basil is a firm Fenwyn nationalist, and regrets the sorry state the kingdom lies in. He looks back to its former glory in the hope that it will someday rise up again, glorious and shining as it once was. It is his fervent hope that it can do that soon, for if it doesn’t, it will burn.


Kassa is Basil’s gryphon, whom he has raised, ridden, and fought alongside for thirty-eight years.

Her pelt and plumage are a beautiful burnished red, looking more suited to a flashy male than a practical female. Her eyes are a blue the colour of the sky. She seems proud enough of the attention she gets, and she’s quite large even for a female. She can be savage in war, but Kassa was trained not to attack civilians. Basil trained her young, and the instinct to lash out at sudden movement or things fleeing was carefully excised from her behaviour.

Children particularly like her for her showy colour, much to Basil’s resignation.

Kassa’s lineage is considered one of the most famous, and many are bitter to this day that the dour, pragmatic, and altogether unsociable Basil Enreas was the bondmate chosen for the gryphon.

Basil Enreas

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