Leather Armor, Hide Armor

Made from the tanned hide of beasts, leather or hide armor can either be a single layer, or incorporate several layers of leather for additional protection. Such armor is cheaply made and obtained, even though it offers comparatively little protection from most threats, and it isn’t as cumbersome as metal.

AR: +1
Cost: 2
Notes & Aspects: Has 3 stress boxes

Chain Mail, Breastplate

Chain mail is made by forging small ringlets of metal into long chains, and then forging those chains together into sheets. The shape of chain mail makes it particularly excellent defense against arrows, though it is vulnerable to piercing weapons like rapiers.

Breastplates are a single sheet of metal shaped to fit the wearer, and offer good protection against projectile or slashing weapons. Like chain mail, breastplates are still vulnerable to piercing weapons, and are often worn over a suit of chain mail or leather.

AR: +2
Cost: 3
Notes & Aspects: Has 4 stress boxes, Bulky

Ring Mail, Scale Mail, Lamellar Armor

Similar to chain mail, ring mail and scale mail are made by forging ringlets of steel or scales of small steel plates, and then forging those together into a shirt worn over padded or quilted cotton. The individual scales are excellent at turning aside blades, when forged thick enough.
Lamellar armor is made from many individual scales of treated leather, either boiled or lacquered, which are sewn into horizontal rows and affixed to a tunic. It comes in a few different basic varieties, such as a cuirass that only protects the front of the chest and back, to full shirts of lamellar. Lamellar is more flexible and somewhat lighter than metal armors.

AR: +3
Cost: 4
Notes & Aspects: Has 5 stress boxes*, Bulky

Plate Mail

The heaviest type of armor is full plate mail, such as the iconic suits worn by the Justicars of the Holy Pyrean Church. Individual plates of heavy metal protect nearly every square inch of the body, forged and shaped to fit, articulated and jointed so the wearer isn’t locked into rigid posture. Such armor is extremely expensive, affordable only to the most wealthy of nobility, and must be custom-forged to fit the wearer. Although it offers superior protection, it is brutally heavy, and cumbersome as well.

AR: +4
Cost: 5
Notes & Aspects: Has 6 stress boxes*, Restricting(P)


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