Esmeralda Bravalov

Sample PC: Esmeralda Bravalov

Name: Esmeralda Bravalov
Defining Aspect: Ambitious Soldier



Agility: 3
Endurance: 3
Perception: 2
Strength: 2


Craft: 2
Knowledge: 2
Reasoning: 2
Willpower: 2


Deception: 1
Empathy: 2
Persuasion: 3
Resources: 3

Stress Tracks

Physical: 5
Mental: 4
Social: 6

Campaign Power Level

Action Hero

Ability Points: 27
Advantage Points: 6
Technology Level: 3
Fate Points: 5
Refresh: 5


Experience Points: 0


Character Aspects

Defining Aspect: Ambitious Soldier

Character Aspect 1: “I will bring glory to the family name!”
Character Aspect 2: Ostian Infantry Soldier
Character Aspect 3: “A soldier’s honor is the most valuable thing they have.”
Character Aspect 4: “Once more, into the breach!”

Specialty Aspects

Specialty Aspect 1: Expert Swordswoman (Strength)
Specialty Aspect 2: I Told You I Could Hit That Coin at a Hundred Yards (Agility)
Specialty Aspect 3: If You Can’t Keep Up, Ship Out (Empathy)
Specialty Aspect 4: Weaponsmith (Craft)
Specialty Aspect 5: Stand Fast! (Persuasion)

Expert Advantages

Architect of Death

Whenever making a Craft roll involving the creation or repair of implements of war, such as weapons or combat vehicles, you gain a +2 bonus.

Counter Attack

Whenever you generate Spin on a roll to defend yourself against a melee attack or close (same zone) ranged attack, you may spend a FP to gain a free immediate melee attack against your opponent.

This is a single melee attack, either unarmed or with a weapon in hand (or already active Melee Power Attack), and you may not perform any supplemental actions or move. You still get the normal +1 Spin bonus which can be added to this attack.

Crippling Blow

Once per scene, you may increase the Weapon Rating of a melee weapon (or unarmed strike) by +3 for your next attack. This may be declared after the attack roll is made.

Master Tactician

Any time you generate Spin on an attack roll in a conflict; you may attempt to perform a Maneuver as a free action.

Heroic Advantages

Inspiring Leadership

You have a gift for getting your friends back on their feet, dusting them off, and putting them back in the fight. You are a natural leader and an inspiration to those around you.

Spend a Fate Point. You are granted a number of Fate Points equal to your Persuasion to freely distribute to any PC or NPC allies who can hear your commands or words of encouragement. This is a free action, and these extra Fate Points must be spent during this scene or be wasted.

Your allies may not later give these Fate Points away, or trade them using other Advantages.

Power Advantages



Starting Equipment

Bravalov Family Rapier

WR: +3
Range: 0
Tech Level: 2
Cost: 3
Aspects: Quick

Orrin Single Shot Rifle

WR: +6
Range: 3
Tech Level: 3
Cost: 3
Aspects: Slow Firing (P), Armor Piercing, Huge (P)


Armor Rating: +2
Tech Level: 2
Cost: 3
Built-in Accessories: None
Aspects: 4 stress boxes, Bulky



Esmeralda Bravalov

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