Fenwyn Organization Sheet

Organization: The Noble House of Fenwyn
Defining Aspect/Concept: A Faded Remnant of Ancient Glories

Logistics 3, Perception 3, Security 3
Craft 2, Knowledge 3, Morale 2
Relations 2, Connections 1, Resources 3

A Faded Remnant of Ancient Glories +-
Wracked by Succession Crisis -
Secrets and Ancient Ruins +-
Unspoiled Mountains and Forests +
Mountain-Dwellers +

Secrets Long Buried (Knowledge/Resources) +-
Fenwyn Winged Knights (Security) +
Ancient Treaties (Connections) +-
The King’s Wardens (Perception) +-
Exotic Crafting Materials (Craft) +-
Shady Nobility/Thirty Xanatos Pileup (Morale) -

Fenwyn Organization Sheet

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