The Confederation of Magical States

The Confederation of Magical States

The Confederation of Magical States was once considered the unmatched superpower of the Old World. With the rise of the Ostian Empire and the mounting influence of the Holy Pyrean Church, however, it finds its dominance in world affairs challenged.


What would later become the Confederation of Magical States once existed as a collection of magocracies. Each considered its neighbors rivals, squabbling over almost any pretense. Culture, military posturing, and sport all become ways to demonstrate national pride and superiority.

This was accepted by the people, who threw themselves into these pursuits in fits of nationalism. Every time a massive monument rose in one nation, another elsewhere would soon eclipse it. Every magical development followed another, until someone finally thought to put the magical prowess of his nation into more practical uses: Invading another country.

Chaos followed. A massive war using weaponized magic erupted. Alliances formed and broke in the span of a week. For a full century these magical wars continued, until all that remained were the battered husks of powerful nations.

Fifty years ago, a man named Peter Celean spoke out in favor of peace. He put forth the notion that magical talents and traditions of all the great countries shouldn’t be wasted in pointless war, and that to rebuild and recapture that greatness, they needed unity.

Thus was the Confederation of Magical States born.

Due to the concentration of magical talent, the Confederation rebuilt quickly. Every state, while maintaining their national pride, aided their neighbors in return for the same. Each would contribute something unique to the greater whole, making all stronger for it. So did the Confederation become the strongest player in the global arena; at least until the rise of the Ostian Empire.


At its core, the Confederation is made up of several highly diverse states, each following their own agendas. Its central government represents this.

The Parliament, its central ruling body, is made up of representatives elected to their station by popular vote. Due to the philosophy on which it was founded, no man is considered the head of Parliament. A moderator is appointed by the representatives, responsible for scheduling and overseeing debates, but the position is strictly apolitical. Parliament is strict on enforcing this, and any whiff of corruption in a case is grounds for immediate dismissal and censure.

Parliament is mercurial, with power blocks forming and breaking apart just as frequently, based on whatever current matter lies before the House of Representatives. As such, civil matter can take a long time to reach an agreement. During times of conflict or threat, though, there is an unerring tendency for Parliament to reach unanimous decisions within the day. If a commonality exists among the states besides their magic, it is the willingness to join together when threatened by outside forces.

Affairs involving inter-state relationships, however, can take months to resolve. States govern themselves accordingly, and each follows different types of government. There are a few monarchies, but the majority are democracies of varying stripes. In some states, only mages vote, while in others the entire population participates. Some states object to the conditions in others, but pressure is always applied politically and peacefully… at least on the surface.


The entire world could burn, and the Confederation would still prosper. Since it consists of so many diverse states, these differences forge it into a stronger whole, allowing it almost complete self-sufficiency.

Though fringe states engage in more mundane means of trade, such as buying and reselling common goods found anywhere for a profit, it is most famous for its signature exports. The Confederacy is the only place one can find enchanted items produced on a massive scale. Practical goods like swords enchanted to be lighter rub shoulders with fanciful baubles, like lights enchanted to change color depending on their owner’s mood.

Some mages are loathe to trade what they hold dear. Others are always willing to make a little extra coin, selling whatever useful (or exotic) trinkets they can.


Given the fierce independence all of the member states value, regiments are always raised on a state-by-state basis. In addition, if the Confederation isn’t at war as a whole, each regiment is quartered on its home state. Skilled Confederation generals have to take into account the diversity of the troops available to them. The constant among these forces is the successful integration of Mages into their ranks, blending them seamlessly with regular troops and tactics.

One of the grandest victories ever achieved by a Confederation force was described as “running straight into a bunch of teleporting cannons, retreating into several flaming arrows, and then scattering into a blizzard full of pikemen.” Given the wild variety of regiments, good Confederate soldiers need to manage their individual assets wisely, and must be adaptable when strategizing.

Each state maintains its own military mages to serve in the regiments. However, mages who choose to serve the central government are in a class of their own.

Regardless of origins or training, an applicant to the central government must pass a standardized test on practical magical theory. Once completed, the aspirant must demonstrate their magical ability to a panel of judges. The aspirant then reports to Confederate Military Headquarters for a grueling three-month course in command and advanced magical technique. From there, they are commissioned with the rank of Captain, assigned to one of several duties. Most common are the famed Warmages, wielding their weaponized magic. Alternatively, researchers find new uses for their talents, as well as develop and hone new training techniques. Individual mages might be sent to areas where the government needs a troubleshooter; or, more ominously, an agent provocateur.

Notable Locations


Situated on the border of the four largest member states, Erawin is the capital of the Confederation; to some, the world. The largest known stockpile of documents reside here. On every corner, shops hawk tools, foci, and other arcane paraphernalia. Its libraries are second to none, and it is the only known place where magic items are produced with any regularity. Mages of every nation flock to the city to take advantage of its wealth of resources and knowledge, though they often pay dearly to partake of Erawin’s libraries and lectures.

The famous military mages also make their home in Erawin. Surprisingly, their headquarters is one of the less obvious buildings in the area. Aboveground, the structure is small and nondescript; the laboratories and training grounds are underground, allowing for secrecy, as well as shoring up the defenses against assault or infiltration.

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The Confederation of Magical States

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