The Traylis Dominion


In ages past, Traydis was a large magical kingdom, and its royal line were the Ascaris. Over the course of several hundred years, its holdings shrunk as what could only be described as madness gripped its rulers. Eventually, all that was left of its holdings was an old and crumbling tower in the middle of a swamp. What was a ‘royal family’ consisted of a wizard and his three children. The oldest had no magical talent, while the two daughters were driven constantly to perfect their abilities.

Sooner or later, someone found the rather chewed and rotten corpse of the mage that lived in the tower, dumped unceremoniously in a bog.

The oldest son, Loren, raised an army out of the exiled Rahaal that also lived in the swamp. At first, they took small bits of land back, a town here, a settlement there. Then, the small army managed to take down the nearest castle, which was owned by a local Baron. More troops were enlisted, with promises of gold and glory to those who would join. The rest, as they say, was history.

One by one, kingdoms fell and were absorbed into the rising Traylis Dominion. For now, the troops stay idle, but it is only a matter of time until they march again…


For now, most of the areas under the Dominion have retained their own systems of government, with monarchs allowed to retain their titles. If anyone objected to swearing fealty, however, they was summarily executed and replaced. In areas with a major resistance, a general is called in and martial law declared.

With the extremely fast rate of expansion, no codified set of laws or representation to the Traylian crown has been set in stone. Military governors and previous rulers left in charge tend to be left to their own devices, as expansion remains the main focus of the crown.

In a nutshell, there is simply one rule: swear fealty or die. Whether this will be sustainable in the long term is a rather good question.


While Traylis’ initial military was simply a band of Rahaal insurgents, it has certainly grown. It has pressed the armies of those that it has conquered into service, with traitors being dealt with in a number of unpleasant ways. As such, it has a good mixture of forces, fielding units such as traditional cavalry and infantry to more exotic forces such as flying units and entire regiments of riflemen.

Those that have observed the situation, however, have pointed out that such a mishmash force should not be able to fight as effectively as Traylis pushes its forces to. In addition, the fact that their military simply hasn’t crumbled due to the many organizational issues of sticking together men from numerous countries, forced to fight for their conquerors is a puzzle that has yet to be solved.

Notable Locations

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Dramatis Personae

The Four Blades

The Four Blades of Traylis is a rather unofficial moniker that has come to describe five of the most famous warriors in the Dominion. While three of them are notoriously independent and often fight away from the main host, the other two fight regularly with Traylis forces. Needless to say, regardless of where exactly they show up, an appearance by any one of the Blades is usually a sign that a victory is soon to come.


Bloodreaver is a bandit chief who leads a rather murderous gang of thieves, brigands and other unsavory sorts. The tales surrounding his rise are numerous, and each of them involve him killing his predecessors and superiors in a rather grisly way. That he would bow to someone other than himself is something strange, but it seems that the lure of gold or the opportunity to raid and steal without any fear of legal retribution is enough for him to swear fealty to another.

Generally, Bloodreaver and his men roam the countryside before an invasion occurs, raiding civilians and military settlements alike. They pillage and burn, damaging morale and supply lines. After their initial raids, Traylis regulars move in, taking advantage of the chaos sown by Bloodreaver’s men.

Bloodreaver himself is a giant of a man, as expected of one that is able to keep a motley collection of murderers and thugs in line. While physically imposing, it can be said that his skill at recognizing where and when to strike in order to loot and terrorize most effectively makes him an extremely dangerous threat.

Leon Vakan

The famed Pegasi Knights of Farania were one of the most famous fighting forces in all of the Middle Kingdoms. That is, until Farania was invaded by the Dominion. Leon Vakan, the leader of the Farania Pegasi Knights, surrendered immediately as Dominion forces marched towards the capital. What resistance there was after this act was shattered mercilessly and scattered to the winds. Those that found issue with Leon’s traitorous actions were quickly cut down or forced to flee. While Leon’s actions ensured the survival of the Faranian royal family as well as its people, needless to say, some may consider his act the ultimate example of cowardice.

Currently, Leon leads all of the Dominion’s flying forces. His experience with the Pegasi Knights makes him extremely suited to the task, and as such, the effectiveness of Traylis’ flying cavalry has risen to a rather deadly level. His skill at commanding and inspiring from the front is second to none, and his natural charisma has secured more than one diplomatic victory in favor of the Dominion.


The origin of the man known as Baras is, according to him, irrelevant. Very little is known about him, but his accomplishments speak for themselves. His nicknames of “The One Man Army” and “The Warrior Worth a Thousand” are not to be taken lightly, as he has earned them quite literally. He has singlehandedly destroyed armies, and he prefers to travel alone, though he has occasionally fought alongside the main army, cutting a swath through enemy troops. Easily identifiable by his sword, a foot wide and as tall as he is, his presence on a battlefield is enough to be cause for retreat. Rumors abound of him speaking only to his weapon, suggesting that perhaps he is mad, or that he has willingly given his mind to nothing but bloodshed.

Neria Mahal

The area around Traylis’ capital was, in short, a barren swamp. Yet, in this rather unhospitable area, a tribe of Rahaal lived, driven out from everywhere else possible. The swamp was no place for a horse, so unlike their nomadic brethren elsewhere, they were forced to give up their traditional lifestyle, settling for living in destitution. They eked out a life in the bogs, and when Loren first needed an army, he turned to them. Jumping at the chance to finally get their revenge on those that had oppressed them, they served as Loren’s first troops, using their knowledge of the swamps to strike out at their neighbors. Like vengeful ghosts, they faded into the swamps whenever their enemies turned to face them.

The current chieftain of the tribe is Neria Mahal, a rather austere woman. Being one of Traylis’ most veteran commanders, the Rahaal who serve under her are extremely good scouts and light infantry, striking out at enemies before seemingly vanishing into the nearest forest or countryside. Whether she continues to fight out of gratitude to Traylis or out of spite at the outside world is up for debate.


Ian is, quite simply, what could be called the ‘Leader’ of the Blades. However, in spite of his (rumored) martial skills, he is known mainly as Traylis’ spymaster. Due to this, his entire existence is shrouded in mystery, and nobody outside of the Blades aside from the Ascaris are even sure as to what he looks like, much less his specific talents.

The Ascari Sisters

Little is known about those who call themselves the sisters of Loren himself, though the tales all agree on one thing: they are extremely powerful mages. It is said that a sign of their presence of the battlefield is easy to spot: a large amount of craters that seem to have been caused by no less than a hundred cannons.

Loren Ascari

Loren Ascari is the ambitious head of the Traylis Dominion. Ruthless in his expansion, he has somehow managed to wage a two front war and win. Young by most conquerors’ standards, he nontheless has managed to engulf all the surrounding land. Those who have spoken with him have described him as pragmatic as well as an intellectual, taking after Ostia in the west. Others who have seen what his armies have done have described him as a vicious dictator, bent on gathering as much power as he can without thought to those he crushes under his heels.

The Traylis Dominion

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